The Los Angeles Farmers Collection

Inspired by the duality of the city’s boundless potential and fixed borders, the Los Angeles Farmers collection plays off of the dynamic nature between design, form and the influence of individuality against an ever-shifting, constantly-evolving backdrop. 

Consisting of versatile streetwear pieces in classic color combinations, the collection features the Los Angeles Farmers Halo tees and dad cap, Jungle Boys sweatshorts, Since 2006 coaches jackets and Stacked snapback.

Working in collaboration with artist and Freshko founder, Al Freshko, the Los Angeles Farmers Halo tee captures the city’s cultural history through graffiti-inspired typography while maintaining its individuality through simplicity and functionality with the use of cotton. 

Using the iconic Jungle Boys and Since 2006 logos, the sweatshorts and coaches jackets build off of the friction between utility and style to create pieces made with durable materials like fleece and polyester that adapt to your lifestyle and inspire originality.

Like the city it draws inspiration from, the Los Angeles Farmers collection is inspired by design, built with utility in mind and made for you. 

The collection is available online and at TLC Collective. 

Los Angeles Farmers Halo Tee and Jungle Boys Sweatshorts
Los Angeles Farmers Halo Tees
Since 2006 Coaches Jackets in Burgundy and Light Grey
Los Angeles Farmers Windbreaker in Light Grey
Stacked Snapback in Black and Black, Los Angeles Farmers Dad Cap
June 03, 2017 — Jungle Boys Clothing

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