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Our story begins in 2015 with two simple designs — two simple designs we had no idea would evolve into an entire clothing line.

After a hazy night of sifting through macro images of the stickiest, most glimmering Jungle Boys flower, vibrant shots of beautiful grow rooms and portraits of hued fully-mature cannabis plants, we thought, “Hey, how cool would it be to have these images on a t-shirt?” And thus, the Calyx and Sunset Grow tees were born. 

We initially had no clue how people would respond to cannabis-based apparel with exaggerated images of cannabis plants proudly plastered across them, or globs of wax dripping down their seams. But if those first two shirts showed us anything, it’s that the cannabis community is filled with dedicated people who want nothing more than to share their passion for the plant with others.

In this day and age, what better way to showcase your passion than by wearing a brand you support that represents a community you’re a part of? Athletes do it for Nike; skaters do it with Thrasher; why can’t it be done with cannabis? 

After two shirts, we dropped our first “serious” line featuring the Flo White tee, OG tee, Playing with Fire tee, 31 Flavors Dab tee and a remastered version of the Sunset Grow tee.

Completely contradicting the fears we expressed earlier, the OG tee—a t-shirt with a large glimmering WiFi #43 x NBK plant splashed across its surface—was and still is one of the most popular items we carry. People loved that t-shirt; they also loved the dripping glob of golden wax featured on the 31 Flavors Dab tee. One of our favorite things about the Dab tee is that it really defines a sub-community within cannabis: those who dab will know exactly what that image is; those who don’t will see it as nothing more than an erratic mass of honey.

We loved that, through our t-shirts, people could not only connect with our brand, but, most importantly, with other cannabis connoisseurs; these kinds of connections are why we seek communities in the first place.

Since our first drop, we’ve grown in many ways and so has our clan. We’ve expanded into women’s clothing and have incorporated a wide range of tees with subtle designs for everyday wear.

With roots based in image-heavy tees, we’ve built upon our original designs through collaborations with street artists and graphic designers—the most notable being the series with UK-based street artist, Fanakapan—to produce tees featuring breathtaking graphics by incredibly talented artists.

Our story doesn't stop here. In the near future, we'll be releasing a series of strain-centric collections featuring iconic Jungle Boys strains such as Orange Cookies and Wedding Cake; we're also expanding into cut-and-sew designs which will allow us to create a range of new styles; one day soon, Jungle Boys Clothing will even have a brick and mortar to call home. For us, it's all uphill from here. 

We launched Jungle Boys Clothing as a passion project and, as it grew, wanted to really turn it into a space people could feel a part of. Even if you don’t smoke cannabis or have access to it, we want you to feel tied to our mission and the values we believe in: that is, working hard, loving what you do, honoring the presence of humility and, above all, respecting the cannabis plant.

For those familiar with Jungle Boys products, we want you to rock your gear and feel a sense of pride in the brand you're representing. What it all really boils down to though is connecting with you, connecting with others. If we're able to do that, then we’ve done our job well.

Thanks for stopping by; we hope you like what you see. 

- C 

Jungle Boys Clothing Founder

May 15, 2017 — Jungle Boys Clothing



Aaron said:

Just wanted to reach out and say its cuz of u guys that makes the stoner world so tolerable.You are the living legends of our era.There was Geaorge Cervantez back then.now its your guyses turn.Like Ivan said in the hotbox w/ B Real,they been here since the beggining and ride it out for the patients,and for that personally I am saying thank you!!!! #Salinas,Ca Salad Bowl.. Aka Headquarters!

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