Jungle Boys Clothing is looking for a responsible and passionate Retail Store Manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of our Los Angeles retail store. The Store Manager will lead a team of 10+ employees, helping them to meet performance goals and provide a superior customer experience.

Responsibilities will include hiring, training and coaching sales associates and leads, monitoring inventory and maintaining the overall presentation of the store. They will also be expected to track customer activity and sales, preparing reports to present to the Store Owner during weekly meetings. 

The Retail Store Manager will be responsible for keeping the store operating efficiently, addressing the needs of the business as they arise. Candidates must be okay with a dynamic schedule and non-traditional hours; weekends, evenings and holidays will be required..

Primary Responsibilities

Opening and Closing the Store 

Perform opening, closing and end-of-day processing procedures, making sure all required tasks have been completed.

Customer Service 

Actively model customer-focused selling behavior, responding to inquiries and resolving customer issues in accordance with Store Policies.

Staffing and Scheduling 

Ensure that the store is adequately staffed at all times, addressing scheduling conflicts and providing additional coverage as needed. 

Team  Development and Growth

Develop and maintain a competent and synergetic sales team through the selection, training, and motivating of sales associates and keyholders. 

Employee Management

Supervise the day-to-day operations of your team, addressing employee complaints as they arise, documenting disciplinary issues and escalating to the appropriate level of leadership when necessary. 

Inventory Management

Monitor all incoming and outgoing apparel and accessories, submit re-order requests for low-stock items and propose solutions for slow-moving styles. 

Enforcing Store Policies

Clearly communicate and enforce all company policies and procedures; ensure that employees demonstrate high degrees of integrity, accountability and professionalism in accordance with Jungle Boys Clothing’s values.

Administrative Duties 

Perform recurring administrative tasks, including (but not limited to) updating daily register logs; maintaining records of all returns, exchanges and damaged products; creating monthly sales reports; monitoring levels of office and cleaning supplies and re-ordering; updating required signage to ensure compliance with all local and federal employment laws. 

Additional Responsibilities 

  • Keep updated records of employee availability to create and send out bi-weekly schedules. 
  • Process customer Returns and Exchanges
  • Ring up staff orders and apply approved discounts 
  • Update Shopify and trouble-shoot POS issues
  • Prepare quarterly employee evaluations 
  • Coordinate and lead staff meetings 
  • Participate in marketing efforts and oversee in-store promotions 

The Store Manager will spend approximately 60% of their working time on the sales floor, engaging with customers, supervising and coaching employees; the remaining 40% will be spent on administrative tasks. 

This job is hands-on, with a focus on in-the-moment coaching and leading by example. The person in this position must be comfortable both delegating and assisting with associate-level responsibilities, including processing customer transactions, cleaning, re-stocking and organizing displays. 

The role will require the ability to stand for extended periods of time, lift and carry up to 35 pounds, and work alone if needed. 

If you feel you may be a good fit for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to info@jungleboysclothing.com